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The SDAT conducted two days of facilitated meetings focused on specific issue categories (downtown development, economic issues, natural resources, transportation…etc.). The goal of the sessions was to establish for the SDAT a snapshot understanding of what our local issues are so they could help our community start creating a common vision for a “sustainable future”. They presented their recommendations verbally in a community meeting on the final day of their visit here. A written report was delivered.

The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds provides our community with a chance to take SDAT’s general recommendations and put them into practice. With the participation of some key individuals who may now be newly aware of the value of community visioning, we can develop what may be seen as a pilot vision for the communities in the South Slough and Coastal Frontal project area- which may serve as a model for the entire Coos watershed community at some point in the future.

A local cheap Lyrica canada (FILP) training in Spring, 2012, will generate more involvement from local citizens that will help implement the SDAT’s general recommendations. Several FILP trainees are also involved in the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds as part of the Core Team and Steering Committee.