Status of Socio-Economic Attributes

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The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds’ Socio-Economic Profile of the Partnership’s project area has uncovered a rich and deep set of data. Applying analysis to this information has allowed for a fine scale look at the project area. Our analysis shows that there are significant social and economic challenges that will need to be faced for the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds area to meet its Community Vision .

The purpose of the socio-economic profile is to describe the demographics, jobs and income, housing and commuting patterns, and poverty and schools within the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds (PCW) project area. The data and analysis presented will provide a context and a baseline to assess where the PCW is in relationship to its vision, and to evaluate the effects of actions undertaken by the Partnership. Our intent here is to provide a solid foundation by careful examination into both the economic and social dimensions of the Partnership’s project area.

Based on the 2010 Census, there are 2,521 people who live within the PCW project area. The number of surveys completed for the community survey was 155 overall. A summary of the community survey for the PCW project area records that, in general, respondents indicate that 4 out of 6 Quality of Life attributes are present in the project area: plenty of free time, affordable housing, recreational opportunities, and access to public lands.