Example of Bootstrap 3 Accordion

A substantial amount of uncertainty is involved in predicting the local affects of climate change on birds. This uncertainty is summarized by the following factors

A diverse collection of birds rely on the food and shelter provided year-round by estuarine and near-shore ocean habitats for survival (Page et al. 1992). Additionally, many migratory species require these habitats for seasonal foraging during migration. The persistence and/or quality of
Studies suggest that birds have modified their “phenology” (timing of important seasonal events such as migration and reproduction) in response to shifting climate variables

Figure 6. (left) Location and condition of Storm-Related and TMDL E. coli bacteria sampling sites.

Figure 1. Current (A) and historical (B) lamprey observations of Pacific (blue), brook (red), and juvenile (green) lampreys. Observations that were made prior to 1994 are represented by dots. Sites that have recorded multiple historical observations of the same species (e.g., Pacific lamprey) both prior to 1994 and again from 1995-2008 are represented by two boxes of the same color (e.g., green) both with and without a dot. Data: ODFW 2013; CoosWA 2012; Suring et al. 2012. SS-South Slough, LB-Lower Bay, PS-Pony Slough, IS-Isthmus Slough, UB-Upper Bay, NS-North Slough, HI-Haynes Inlet, CR-Coos River, CS-Catching Slough